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Photographic impression, of a visit to The Manchester Museum - owned by the University of Manchester
(United Kingdom) - and it's meteorite collection on 26 July 2011.

Entrance to the museum, situated in beautiful neo-Gothic buildings on Oxford Road.


The museum has a small but nice meteorite display, the museum's eyecatcher is a replica of tyrannosaurus rex Stan's skeleton though.
Remember the film "Night at the Museum"... ?

The Meteorite display
The showcase on a balcony ... ... with a view on the solar system

click images below to enlarge

showcase - left side

Appley Bridge / Monze

Appley Bridge

Canyon Diablo

showcase - centre

Turtle River / Odessa / Toluca

Sinai main mass
MetBull database entry

Brenham / Bondoc


Allende / Bjurböle* / Wells
Hedjaz / Sinai / Plainview
* The Bjurböle had a dark brown cut face, and didn't look similar to the light grey brittle material I'm familiar with

showcase - right side

Onaping Formation
Impact Breccia
(Sudbury, Canada)

Climate control.
The Museum takes good care of its visitors from space.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity the meet fellow collector Martin Goff ( http://msg-meteorites.co.uk ), on my way from my family's holiday address in North Yorkshire, to The Manchester Museum.
Martin who showed me his fine collection, and unknowingly inspired me to acquire the Middlesbrough meteorite and impact hole casts. To the right, a bottle of Falling Stone bitter. Brewed in Wold Newton, near the fall site of the famous Wold Cottage meteorite. The bottle's label shows the monument erected in 1799, at the spot where the meteorite fell on 13 December 1795.
The bottle was a kind gift from Martin, when saying goodbye and leaving for the museum.

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