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Plenty information concerning meteorites in general, is readily available on the internet nowadays.
Therefore this webpage is an attempt, to provide a roadmap to websites covering the many aspects of meteorites and meteorite collecting in the broadest sense of the word.

What are meteorites:
Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteorite
General science articles geology.com/meteorites
Classification meteoritestudies.com
Lunar Meteorites info - Dr.  Randy Korotev meteorites.wustl.edu/lunar/moon_meteorites.htm
Planetary Meteorites info - Norbert Classen meteoris.de
Scientific organisations:
The Meteoritical Society meteoriticalsociety.org
Meteoritical Bulletin Database tin.er.usgs.gov/meteor/metbull.php
Collectors world:
International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) imca.cc
IMCA Encyclopaedia of Meteorites encyclopedia-of-meteorites.com
Meteorite Mailing List (Meteorite Central) meteoritecentral.com
German Meteorite Forum jgr-apolda.eu
Club Space Rock Meteorites and Meteorite Hunting Forum meteorites.ning.com
Meteorite Magazin meteoritemag.uark.edu
Meteorite-Times on-line magazin meteorite-times.com
Meteorite Labels and Biographies Archive labels.sv-meteorites.com
Tomasz Jakubowski's site featuring great Meteorite photographs collectingmeteorites.com

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